Important Digital Updates

Logos for Overdrive and Libby as well as RB digitalRecently, OverDrive (Libby) purchased RBdigital so the digital books, audiobooks, magazines, and as far as we know AcornTV that you have enjoyed and accessed via RBdigital will begin to be available in OverDrive (Libby).

OverDrive (Libby) is migrating content in phases. Books and audiobooks were just transferred. The next content to migrate will be magazines (date to be determined), and we have not heard their plans for AcornTV yet.

Now you can enjoy the digital books and audiobooks that you accessed in RBdigital in OverDrive (Libby). If you are currently reading or listening to a book in RBdigital, you will continue to have access to that title until the due date (even if the due date is past September 16). If you need the book past its due date, you will want to borrow it in OverDrive (Libby). If you had holds in RBdigital, you will want to place holds for those titles in OverDrive (Libby) as they did not transfer.

We are here to help you during this transition. If you have questions or need help with RBdigital or OverDrive (Libby), call (740) 387-0992 or Book-a-Librarian.

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