Zinio FAQ

What is Zinio?

Zinio for Libraries, the world's largest newsstand, offers full color, interactive digital magazines. Browse from your library's collection of popular titles with no holds, no checkout periods, and no limit to the number of magazines you can download.

  • Current Issues — New issues are released simultaneously with the print edition and are ready for immediate download.

  • Easy browsing — Browse your library's collection of titles one at a time, search for your favorite magazines by title, or use the genre feature to find new magazines which meet your interests.

  • Manage your collection — Check out magazines and manage your personal collection from your library collection site.

  • No limits — Check out as many issues as you want and keep them in your account indefinitely.


Who has access to Zinio?

Anyone with an active Marion Public Library card may check out library collection magazines. 


Are there any minimum system requirements?

Windows Vista and higher:

Preferred browser: Google Chrome

Alternative browsers: Firefox 3.6 and higher, Internet Explorer 10+ and higher (10+ for HTML5 Instant Reader; IE8 and older not supported)

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher


Mac OS 10.5 and higher:

Preferred browser: Google Chrome

Alternative browsers: Safari 5 and higher

Screen resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher


What is the average magazine size?

The file size depends on the number of pages in the magazine and whether or not the magazine includes videos. Magazines average 50-100 MB; but some graphic-heavy magazines are 300+ MB.

Do I need to be online to check out magazines in Zinio?

Yes, you may only check out magazines from a browser session.


Do I need to be online to read magazines in Zinio?

Desktop reading on PC/Mac: you may stream the magazine content online in a browser window or read content offline through the PC/Mac app. If you are using the PC/Mac app offline, you first need to be online to download the magazine to your device, but once it downloads, you may read the magazine offline from your desktop app.  

Mobile device reading: you must download the supported mobile device app and the magazines while you are online, but you will read them in the app offline.  Supported mobile devices include: iPad, Android, iPhone, and Kindle Fire HD/HDX.  The newest app is currently available only for iPad and Android.


Am I able to access my magazine account on more than one computer or mobile device?

Yes, you may use up to 17 desktop or mobile devices with one username and password, but only 5 may be open at any one time.


Do I have to login twice?

Yes and no.  It depends on the way you choose to access magazines.  If you are using an app downloaded before March 10, 2015 or if you are using a device not supported by the newest app (iPhone, Kindle Fire HD/HDX, or PC/Mac offline app), you need to log in twice.  The two accounts provide you access to the  collection at your library (account #1) and personal reading preferences online and offline (account #2.)

If you are reading in your computer's Internet browser, or through an iPad or Android app downloaded after March 10, 2015, you will only need to log in once.


How do I find the help link?

The Help Link is a question mark icon on the upper right side of the webpage.


What is a Library Collection Account?

The library collection account is the account connecting you to your local library collection.  All magazines are checked out and read with the library collection account.


How do I create a Library Collection Account?

You will create your Library Collection Account when you first access the browse magazines page.  You will be prompted to enter your barcode number and your user information.                


I already have another RBdigital Gateway account, may I use it for logging into Zinio.com?

Yes, if you already have an RBdigital Gateway product account, use your existing username and password.


Do I have to log in prior to checking out a magazine?

No, you may start the checkout process before logging in.


How do I know what is in the library’s magazine collection?

The easiest way to see the library’s entire magazine collection is to click into Search box on the upper left side of the browse collection pages.  Your library collection will be listed in alphabetical order.  Another way to browse the whole collection is to use the Next/Previous tab located on the upper right side of the browse collection pages.


How do I search by keyword?

The easiest way to do a keyword search is to click into the Search box on the upper left side of the browse collection pages.   Simply start typing in a portion of a word and all magazines with that portion of the word will be listed.


How do I search by genre?

Genre searches help sort a large magazine collection into topic-based groups.  To do a genre search, click into the ‘All Genres’ drop down box on the upper right side of the browse collection pages.  Select your desired genre.


How do I search for older issues?

Older issues of magazines are available beginning with the date the library began subscribing to Zinio.  To access these back issues, click on the cover of the desired magazine.  The next page will display the most recent issue and the four previous issues.  If more issues are available, there will be a link on the lower left side to “Show More Back Issues.”


How do I check out a magazine?

Check out a magazine by clicking on the magazine cover to open the product detail page.  Select the Checkout button.  Log in (if not already logged in).  Once you have checked out the magazine, a window will open confirming the checkout success and offering you additional options to continuing browsing the collection, begin reading with the Instant Reader Viewer, or to subscribe to email notifications when new issues of this magazine become available.


How many magazines may I check out?

You may check out as many magazines as you want – there is no limit.  All of your checked out issues will display in the "My Collection" link.  The apps will only display the 500 issues you have checked out most recently, but the online viewer will show all of your checked out magazines.


How long may I keep the magazine?

Once checked out, the magazine will be available to you until you delete it.


How do I read magazines I checked out?

From the check out window, select Start Reading.  An Instant Reader Viewer window will open in a new browser window (for PC/Mac).  You may also select a magazine cover or Read Now icon from within the "My Collection" link.  If you are using a mobile device, you must install a mobile reading app.  Instant browser reading from a mobile device is not yet available. 


How do I check out additional magazines?

Check out additional issues by first going back to the Browse Magazine Collection page.  The link can be found on the upper right side of the My Collection page.


What is the Zinio.com Personal Reading Account?

The Zinio.com personal reading account is optional.  It is primarily used if you read magazines both through your local library and as a paying Zinio.com customer.


Do I need to use the same email address I used in the Library Collection Account?

Yes, the same email address is REQUIRED to connect the checked out library collection magazines with the Zinio.com personal reading account.


Why am I seeing a page requesting payment?

This should not happen, but if it does, the most likely reason is that during the process, you signed in from the consumer login location rather than the library checkout login location.


I am not seeing the magazine I checked out.  Why?

The Zinio.com personal reading account sorts the magazines by the newest issues.  The magazine you checked out may be an older issue.  You can select the drop down option to see all your magazines or to sort the magazines to display those you have not read first, or you can sort them by checkout date rather than release date.


Where are my magazines stored?

Magazines are stored online for streaming.  Your Zinio.com personal reading list points to the global secure server that stores all the issues.  If you download a magazine via one of the apps, the magazine issue will then be stored on the downloaded device. 


May I navigate directly to the Library Collection Account from my app?

No, the app only allows offline reading.  It does not link back to the library's online collection.


Why am I receiving a voucher for the Zinio.com store when I set up my account through my library?

This will only happen if you also activated a commercial Zinio.com account.


May I read a magazine online with a mobile device?

No, mobile devices require you to install a supported app, download the issue, and read offline.  You can get the app in your device’s app store or from a link on the library collection page.  


How do I navigate through the magazine?

  • Click on the right (or left) side of the streaming magazine page.

  • Click on the right (or left) arrow in the navigation menu (lower right side of viewer window)

  • Click on the ‘grid view’ to view all of the magazine pages at once

  • Click on the table of contents icon

  • You may update your viewing preferences by clicking on the gear icon


May I print pages of my checked out magazine?

You may print a page or page spread by doing a screen print and copying the print to a word processing program.  Scale the image to the right size and print it.


May I post articles to a social media account (like Facebook) or email them?

Yes.  First do a screen print, then post the image as a photo.  The iPad app will allow you to email articles if the magazines supports the text-view feature (a text icon will appear if the magazine supports it).


Is the Zinio viewer ADA compliant?

The online viewer is 508 compliant but not fully ADA compliant.  The mobile apps have settings to allow you to increase the size, but they are not fully ADA compliant.  Check with Zinio's app support team to learn the compatibility of your device and settings.


Can I read an article with just the text (no graphics)?

Yes.  In mobile apps (not the desktop app or online viewer), you can choose whether to read the article in page view (with graphics) or in text view (plain text).  A selection box will appear at the beginning of an enabled article.


How do I bookmark?

Bookmarking is not available in the online viewer.  Bookmarking is available with the apps, both desktop and mobile.  On the desktop app locate the ‘star’ icon.  Select the page to bookmark and click save.  The checked out magazine collection may be sorted by bookmarks by changing the view from ‘magazines’ to ‘bookmarks’. 


Why am I having trouble viewing my magazines in Safari?

Safari browsers require a different version of the Instant Viewer, which has not yet been released.  Use iOS Chrome until the new version is available.  Safari users also need to continue using their Zinio.com personal reading account to read magazines.


What apps are available?

Mobile apps are available for PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone, Android, and Kindle Fire/Fire HD.  All apps are free.  If you are asked to pay, it is not the correct app and you SHOULD NOT download it.


May I check out additional magazines in the app?

No, magazines are checked out online and the app is for reading only.  Magazines checked out online will display in your app.  The first time you log into the app, you will need to enter your account email and password.  You will then select your country, state, and library and will remain logged into the app until you elect to log out.  Your magazines will be automatically loaded into the app.  Click the download cloud icon next to each issue to download it.  It will then be available for offline reading.


How do I find the Zinio app for my device?

App links are available at the bottom of the Zinio library collection page.  You can also download the app from your device's app store.  Kindle Fire HD/HDX requires a special link located at the bottom of the library collection page.  Open the app store and search for Zinio For Libraries.  Choose the one with the Zinio for Libraries logo.  Install the free app and log in with your library credentials. 


I am getting a message saying my mobile device requires a full version of Adobe Flash to view the Zinio magazines; how do I download a full version of Adobe Flash?

Mobile devices do not have full Adobe Flash versions available.  This message is most likely the result of trying to open the magazine in a mobile browser rather than in the app.  The app has a full version of Flash built in.


How do I remove a magazine from my collection?

Online:  Select the My Collection link and click on the trash can icon in the lower right corner of the magazine.  Confirm delete.

In the apps: Select the edit link in the upper right of the app collection dashboard.  Then click on the X in the upper left corner of the magazine cover.  A magazine only needs to be removed from the app if it has been downloaded.


If I remove a magazine from my online collection, does it remove the magazine from the apps?

No, removing a magazine from the online collection does not remove it from the apps; and removing a magazine from the apps does not remove it from the online collection.


When I click on a magazine on my Library’s Collection page, why am I seeing the message “Sorry.  This digital magazine offer or download page cannot be found”?

One possibility is that you previously checked out the magazine and then removed it.  While logged in, go to the read tab and select View Removed from the drop down list that defaults to View All Titles.  Click on the red button to edit your reading list and then click on the + sign over the magazines you would like to add back to your list.  Click Done when you are finished.


I have selected a title that says “Download For Libraries to Read”.  What does this mean?

Some publishers only allow their magazines to be read via download and not via the online reader.  These titles require a user to download the Zinio For Libraries app to their PC, Mac, or mobile device in order to read the magazine.  Clicking on the image of the magazine initiates the download process.  If you have already have the app installed, you just need to log in.


I’m having problems downloading For Libraries.  What can I do?

In some cases, users may need to manually install Zinio For Libraries in 2 steps:

Install adobe AIR via this link http://get.adobe.com/air/

Save the Reader 4 installation file via this link http://imgs.zinio.com/zinio-reader/installers/ZinioReader4.air and run the file.

My Zinio app presents me with a blank black screen.  Why is this?

There may be a corrupt file that needs to be re-downloaded.  Please follow the instructions below to resolve this problem. 
1. Close application
2. Go to C:\Users\[username]\AppData\Roaming\Adobe\
3. Delete this directory - AIR
4. Reopen application

If that does NOT resolve the problem, please try the following:

1. Go to Settings > Control Panel > Add/Remove Programs 
Remove Zinio For Libraries and Zinio Alert Messenger (if you have that installed) 
2. Click Start > Settings > Control Panel -> "Folder Options" (or "Appearance and Personalization)"> "Folder Options"                                                                                                                                                               3. Click on the “View” tab.  Go down to "Show Hidden Files and Folders" and then click the circle next to "Show Hidden files and folders" to select it and press OK.                                                                                 4. Delete these folders (you may only have the Zinio Reader folder): 

In Vista and Windows 7: 
C:\Users\YourWindowsUserName\AppData\Roaming\Application Data\ZinioAlertMessenger9...

In XP: 
C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\ZinioReader4.9...
C:\Documents and Settings\YourWindowsUserName\Application Data\ZinioAlertMessenger9...


I am having problems with my Zinio app.  What do I do?

First try closing the app and then re-opening it.  If this does not work, delete the app completely from your device and download again/reinstall.  If you are still experiencing a problem, you will need to contact Zinio by going to the help link and completing the online form.


I have downloaded Zinio For Libraries, but the magazine in my reading list still shows the "...requires Zinio For Libraries to view..." tag over the cover.  I click on it and it takes me to the download page.  Why is this happening when I have the app installed already?

The browser image is tied to the download link, meaning the app you have installed will not automatically open when you click the image.  Access the app on your device, locate the issue, and click on the cover within your app to view it.


I have forgotten my password.  What do I do?

Click the “Forgot password?” link below the password box on the login screen.  You must turn off your browser’s pop-up blocker for this to work.  You will receive an email from rbsso@rbdigital.onmicrosoft.com with a link to set your new password.


I am having trouble installing the app on my Kindle Fire HD/HDX device.  Are these Kindle editions compatible?

1.  From the main screen, put your finger on the top right corner and swipe down to bring up the Settings menu.  Press: More > Device > Allow installation of applications (from unknown sources) > ON

2.  Go to the Kindle Fire HD/HDX link at the bottom of the library collection page.  Click on the appropriate link for your device.

3.  To open and install, open the browser's menu from the bottom of the page and click on Downloads, and you should see the Zinio file on this list.  Once the download is complete, tap the file and select Install, then press Open when the installation is complete.

4.  You can now find the app listed on the apps page of your device under either Cloud or Device, depending on your installation settings.

Click on the magazine icon in the upper right corner of the app and you can log in with your existing email and password.  After logging in, you will be able to download and read magazines. 


My question isn’t in this User Guide or FAQ.  How do I ask for help?

Access the Help link, click on the appropriate help ticket, and a friendly support specialist will contact you.  You can also ask the staff of Marion Public Library in person or over the phone at 740-387-0992.


How do I delete my Zinio.com accounts?

Contact the Marion Public Library staff at 740-387-0992 and leave a message for one of the Zinio administrators.


How can I change the email address used for my Zinio account?

Contact the Marion Public Library staff at 740-387-0992 and leave a message for one of the Zinio administrators.