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Prospect Public Library

The Prospect branch of the Marion Public Library was established in 1937, with the All Arts Club of Prospect taking the lead in starting the branch. The first home of the library was a room above Stuckey Market. Later it was moved to a downstairs location across the street in a building owned by the late C.E. Almendinger.
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Henkle-Holliday Memorial Library

The LaRue branch was the first of the branches to be established. It opened in November, 1936 with the cooperation of the Twentieth Century Club as a memorial to Mrs. J. D. Henkle, a charter member of the Club. The Mrs. Ferol Holliday estate gave a bequest for the branch in 1971.
When the LaRue village council provided additional space for the branch in the Town Hall, the Marion Public Library board used the Holliday bequest to completely renovate the branch. Work on the Henkle-Holliday Memorial Library was completed in 1980.
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Caledonia Public Library

The Caledonia branch was started in 1938, sponsored by local church and civic groups, in particular the American Legion, and was originally located in the village council room. The branch was moved in 1958 to its present quarters in the IOOF building at the corner of Main and Marion Streets on the village square.
Caledonia Public Library participates in the Summer Reading Program as well as other library events.
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