Family Fun Night - Teacup Garden

Family Fun Night - Teacup Garden
​6:30 p.m.

This Mother's Day themed craft will focus on making gardens in tea cups using baby plants.
​The BookMarks Group will assist those who want to be creative and plant an assortment of plants to make a small arrangement for Mom.

​Perfect activity for making a Mother's Day gift. 

Learn about STABLE Accounts

Wednesday, March 15
​Interested? RSVP 740-387-0992

STABLE is Ohio's ABLE Plan -  a savings and investment solution for people with disabilites. 
 ​Come find out more about the plan that is the first in the United States.

The plan is administered by Treasurer of Ohio, Josh Mandel. It is the First plan in the United States.
Deputy Chief of Staff Eric Ochmanek from the Stable Account will be the presenter.

Cake Decorating with Andrew

Cake Decorating with Andrew
Monday, March 6
7:00 p.m.

We all know and love Andrew Swartz from Andrew's Pastries. He will be stopping by - with some goodies - and show us how to decorate a cake. He loves connecting with those in attendance by telling his journey to become the "pink box" baker of Marion.
Come to pick up some tips!
Come to enjoy a treat.


Marion Airfoils - SRC

Marion Airfoils for SRC
​Monday, June 12, 6:30 pm


​Small airplanes, drones, and more... Learn about some of the smaller flying machines who take flight at the Marion Airfoils on Herr Road. Summer Reading Club evening fun will center around flight. Might even have a simulator for you to practice your take off and landing skills.


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